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My name is Jake James, i'm 20 years old and currently working at Jump24 as an apprentice. In my spare time i tend to either spend time with friends, play games or just watch Netflix. Another strong interest of mine is building computers, by this i mean buying the components and then putting them all together inside a case. Building computers allows me to be fairly creative as there are plenty of different designs and builds you can go for with the different color schemes, cooling systems and components.

What do i do?

Front-end Development

So far i've mainly learnt front-end as its what i started learning to start myself off. The front-end skills i have gained since i've started are HTML, CSS, Sass, Javascript and jQuery. I'm fairly confident with my HTML and CSS but my Javascript and Jquery still need improvement.

Back-end Development

Since i've started at Jump24 i've been focusing a lot more on back-end development since before i knew pretty much nothing to do with back-end development before i started at Jump24. I'm currently practicing with PHP, SQL and the PHP framework Laravel.


Since i've started at Jump24 i've learnt how to properly test a website for mobile devices and create a local server so i can see my PHP in action rather than running a live server on brackets where i could only see the front-end changes.

What skills do i possess?

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